WTR 1000 2021 awards MJB gold brand as one of the top IP firms in Serbia

MJB has been repeatedly recommended as one of the best IP firms in Serbia. The WTR 1000 2021 rankings awards MJB gold brand describing them as efficient, flexible in their approach and solution driven, always on top of the latest legal developments – not only in Europe, but worldwide. Dejan Bogdanovic and Mara Jankovic are recognized as co-captains of the whole team who set a high standard in terms of quality and service.

MJB has been appointed as the representative of under the Data Protection Act

Mikijelj Jankovic & Bogdanovic has been appointed as local representative under the Serbian Personal Data Protection Act. The Commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection has notified the public of this appointment on its website For more information please contact

MJB advised Nelt Group on acquisition of Bebi brand from Atlantic Group

Two leading food companies in the region, Atlantic Group and Nelt Group have signed an agreement on acquisition of the baby food brand Bebi, which has a long tradition on the European, and especially the Russian market. The MJB legal team advised Nelt Group during this process. Nelt Group, has 4,000 employees and operates in 11 markets in Europe and Africa, dealing primarily with distribution and logistics services and food production.

Press Council adopts a complaint filed by MJB attorneys in the name of TV hosts Zoran Kesic and Ivan Ivanovic

MJB attorneys filed a complaint in the name of TV hosts Zoran Kesic and Ivan Ivanovic to the Commission for Complaints of the Press Council for the violation of the Code of Ethics of Serbian Journalists by the daily paper Serbian Telegraph (Nezavisne dnevne novine Srpski telegraf) and the news portal The complaint concerns articles published in the referenced media in which the signer Aleksandar Vuksanovic, better known as Aca Lukas, “threatened” to “kill” Ivanovic and Kesic if his “mother dies” because “they were calling on people to come out to the streets and disregard self-isolation measures”. The complaint points out that the singer’s “threat” is based on “inaccurate information,” which the journalists failed to verify. Also, the second article complained of, in addition to the above statements, contains several assertions that can be characterized as hate speech and incitement to violence towards Kesic and Ivanovic.

A Breakthrough for Geographical Indications

A single registration for a geographical indication with WIPO will soon be possible. We bring you a brief update on the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration, which came into force on February 26, 2020, in our article, published on April 30, 2020 in HouseMarques.

MJB ranked by Legal 500 2020

MJB has once again been top ranked by Legal 500 in the fields of IP (read more), dispute resolution (read more) and employment law (read more).

“The first choice for trademark work in Serbia” is the verdict on well-established firm MJB – WTR1000 2020

“The first choice for trademark work in Serbia” is the verdict on well-established firm MJB. Belgrade-based but active across the Balkan region via a carefully selected and cultivated network of correspondents, the firm manages large IP portfolios with a deft touch and expertly handles litigation and enforcement matters for prestigious companies, including one of the top Swiss watch brands.

New Trademark Law in Serbia

The long expected new Trademark Law in Serbia entered into force on February 1st and has introduced the opposition system replacing the traditional full examination system. However, the IP Office still examines trademark applications both on absolute and relative grounds before publication as part of their official duties. Apart from the opposition system major changes […]

Recognition for MJB IP Office patent practice

Lawyer Monthly – Legal Awards 2019. Recognising achievement and success in the legal industry – A category winner for Patents Serbia in 2019 is the IP Office Mikijelj Jankjović & Bogdanovic from Belgrade.

MJB IP Office welcomes Katarina Cavor

MJB Intellectual Property Office has welcomed a new member to their team, Ms Katarina Čavor. Ms Čavor is a patent attorney who had previously worked at both the IP Office of Serbia and the EUIPO.

Katarina Radovic participated in the panel discussion “Author and Law”

Katarina Radović, partner u našoj kancelariji, bila je jedna od učesnika panela održanog na Fakultetu dramskih umetnosti u Beogradu pod nazivom “Autor i pravo”. Panel je bio organizovan u saradnji sa Pravnim fakultetom Univerziteta Union i namenjen prvenstveno predavačima sa Univerziteta umetnosti u Beogradu (Fakultet dramskih umetnosti, Fakultet likovnih umetnosti, Fakultet muzičkih umetnosti i Fakultet primenjenih umetnosti).

Successes of our legal trainees

IP Office MJB is pleased to announce that our legal trainee Ms Marina Ješić, has successfully defended Master thesis in International Investment Law under the topic of “Legal regime of cooling-off periods in international investment arbitration” at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, while Ms Ivana Vukcevic, also a legal trainee at IP Office MJB, has recently been named as the teaching assistant for the course Public International Law at the Union University Law School in Belgrade for the academic year 2019/2020.

Vladimir Djeric has co-authored an article on the Constitutional Court of Serbia

“Hague Journal on the Rule of Law” in its April 2018 issue features an article about the Constitutional Court of Serbia authored by Vladimir Djeric of MJB and Professor Tatjana Papic of the Union University Faculty of Law, see more  “On the Margins of Consolidation: The Constitutional Court of Serbia”, Hague Journal on the Rule of […]