WTR 1000 2021 awards MJB gold brand as one of the top IP firms in Serbia

MJB has been repeatedly recommended as one of the best IP firms in Serbia. The WTR 1000 2021 rankings awards MJB gold brand describing them as efficient, flexible in their approach and solution driven, always on top of the latest legal developments – not only in Europe, but worldwide. Dejan Bogdanovic and Mara Jankovic are recognized as co-captains of the whole team who set a high standard in terms of quality and service.

“A true IP master and one of the foremost trademark experts in Serbia, Dejan skilfully navigates the legal landscape and has the experience to overcome any obstacle. He approaches things practically, sets reasonable expectations and always gets positive outcomes.”

Deftly traversing the contentious/non-contentious divide, Jankovic is “technically excellent, responsive and super-personable”. She is a domain name disputes arbitrator with the Committee for the Resolution of Disputes Relating to the Registration of National Internet Domains.